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LATEST 30th July 2008- To avoid misunderstanding on 25 man invites, we will refer to RAID REQUIREMENTS and MINIMUM STATS for invites.  Techniques are one thing and Gears are also an important part of a raid.  Therefore, if you want to raid often, you must meet the minimum as per required under RAID REQUIREMENTS.  We are using a DKP system for all 25 man raids.  If you want to know how we award DKP and Loots, plse click under this DKP link.  Any other questions, plse whisper to the officers in game

IMPORTANT - If you are raiding, plse perform the following so as to ensure everyone else is running the same omen threat meter before we raid.  If we have too many different Omens running, threat can't be calculated accurately and it wil also cause some players to crash during the raid.

- Go and Download >>>WOWMatrix<<<.  What WOWmatrx does is it helps you update your addons to the latest version.  Before U log onto WOW game, open up WOWmatrix and it will do a update for you.  After the update, click on "Update all".  Log into game.  Simple as ABC

- Downloading WOWMatrix 1- Choose your computer platform.  Either Windows or Mac.  Save directory into Program files/World of Warcraft/Interface/Add Ons

- Click on WOWMatrix icon to run it.

Despite what you may think guild applications aren't quite as rough as job applications. Please make sure you register on the site Create New Account, go to Recruitment and post there if you want to join guild. Although we will teabag you when you’re dead, sometimes loud and obnoxious, we do have rules. So this is what we ask you in order for you to stay a part of the guild.

We are a casual raiding guild in the sense that we do not treat this game like a job. We play for fun, but we play to win. Winning is how we enjoy the game. Have fun above all else. We are a community of people with different goals, but the one we all share is the desire to have a good time. Remember, the purpose of the recruitment period isn’t to gear you up but rather to see if you would be a viable addition to OUTCAST, (in raids skills, attitudes and personality matching) and after the 2 weeks probation period, you will either be given full membership status or asked to leave.

Guild Rules - General

Be polite to all in Guild and people you group with. No vulgarities and racist remarks on guild chat, vent and general channels. Respect your guild leadership. They are the backbone of the guild. Guild vent is there to help you guys enjoy the game better and not to swear on Vent. We have minors on Vent too. If you are frustrated, go log out, take a smoke, order a pizza etc. We will not blame you. We would rather call off a raid/event rather than lose a good guildie. Do not say negative things about your Guild, the leadership, guild policies and your guildies. If you are unhappy here, you are free to leave.

Dramas will not be tolerated in Guild. You will be given a warning and should you fail to comply, leaders will hold a discussion pertaining to removing you from the guild

Guild rules - Raids & Gears

We will not force you to raid or group up with for instances or quests. But by doing so, you will foster a positive environment in which will further your game experiences and pleasure. The more positive attitudes you show, the more people will love to raid/group with you.  To avoid misunderstanding on 25 man invites, we will refer to RAID REQUIREMENTS and MINIMUM STATS for invites.  Techniques are one thing and Gears are also an important part of a raid.  Therefore, if you want to raid often, you must meet the minimum as per required under RAID REQUIREMENTS.

Raid leaders set the strategies for the Boss fight. Never argue with raid leaders on chat channels and vent. If you really have a better alternative method of doing it, just whisper the raid leader. They are not morons. They too want a faster and cleaner kill. We don’t use any DKP for 5-10 man instances. It’s normally need before greed and one epic per run. If no one needs the item, new guildies can have them if it’s an upgrade even though they had already won one epic. If it’s a side grade, all will be able to roll.

Priorities for loots will be mains over alternatives bearing in mind our guild progression must come first. All patterns will be awarded to the guild leaders or raid leaders first so that it stays in Guild. If the leaders have them, all are free to roll on them. Priorities will be given to class specifics and they should be able to learn it at the spot. Priorities invites will be given out to regular raiders/class balance first and those that are proud and have the drive to better their gears. We don’t gear people up here. You need to work on your own gears either by crafting, farming 5 man instance or reputation rewards/badges. If you spend the whole day chatting in IF and expect just to do Raids for gears, sorry, this is not the guild for you.

Raid invites will always be opened to Guildies first and than if none wants to come, we will PUG the raid. All raiders must come prepared with consumables, flasks when asked to, repaired etc. Raiding tools such as Vent, Omen, Deadly Boss Mods, Decursive and Group Calendar will be required. It’s OK with you don’t have a microphone, just being able to listen will do. If you want to come to a raid, we expect that you come as PVE specs and not PVP, period.

You must be prepared to learn and play your class well. Pay attention to what you need to do and what not to do. Have a stable internet connection. Willing to make macros for CC’s, kill’s priorities and increased DPS. Take time to go to Guild site, WOW class forums, Boss killer’s site, Wow WIKI, Wow Macro site etc to learn how to do them. We will not force you to respect for raids. But if you do want to raid regularly, please don’t come with talents builds that will not benefit the raid. If you are just a causal raider, it’s fine with guild.

Guild Rules - Bank

All epic items not needed by raid will be disenchanted and voids are banked. Regular raiders can get items from Bank by asking the leaders which will in turn ask the GM. All items from the bank are to be used for Mains only and not alts. Finally. OUTCAST welcomes you to guild. If you have any questions or complaints, please address them to the officers. We want you to enjoy as much as you can in this guild as much as we enjoy having you in our Guild.

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